Fabric Studio Basic 1.5



Fabric Studio™ Version 1.5. Design and print your own fabric using this unique design software. Easy to use with a detailed Interface  The Software comes with a sample of 15 Swatch Images to get you started. This version has all the same tools and functions as Version 1.1.  Great for photo quilts along with personalized fabric.
WARNING:  We no longer support Fabric Studio Software its related Libraries. This software is 13 years old and we cannot guarantee that it will run on current operating systems. You will also need to be able to configure your computer to run .NET Framework 2.0 for it to function.  In addition, you may be unable to view current “help” on our website due to outdated plugins on our web pages.  Therefore, I would only recommend that you purchase this software or the related libraries if you have already purchased it and are certain that you are able to run it on your computer.