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“Being able to create your own fabric is a fabric lovers dream come true. You will never be without the perfect pattern and the perfect color.”

Billie Lauder
Third Generation Quiltmaker Author& Designer 

Library Samples From Deluxe Version 1.1 

At Fabric Studio, we have created a series of unique images to assist you in designing and creating your own patterns. We have 12 basic image libraries (over 300 images) with both black and white and color designs, which can be easily altered just by changing the color, size, adding text, bringing in a photo or other clip art or combining multiple images . Click on any of the images below and get a sample of what comes with the Deluxe Version of the Fabric Studio™.

Most of the images are sized to automatically fill a standard 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. For the more advanced user, try free forming your own designs with all the unique tools that are offered.

Basic Version 1.5 of the Fabric Studio comes with 15 sample images to get you started with your designs.

New Library Collections:

We are adding to the software with our new collection of CD’s which are more template driven. In each new Library you will receive several templates along with new fabric images to enhance your projects. These collections integrate directly with either version of the software(Deluxe 1.1 or Basic1.5). These CD’s will not run as stand alone programs. You can either purchase by downloading or by receiving the actual CD through our Shopping Cart.

New Online Fabric Studio Image Collections:
 We have created a new online version of the Fabric Studio for all users. No additional software is needed to access the new images and projects. You will need to go to the site ( and setup an account in order to save your personal designs and purchase the graphics. A fee will be charged based on the graphic or project. The files will be delivered via download PDF. Once you’ve downloaded your graphics or projects you will then be able to open them up in your software program and make additional modifications. The file format for the new online version is the same as the software which is .png.

We have created two new groups of templates on the new site which we are very excited about. The first group we refer to as Photo Fabric, and the second is Photo Frame Fabric. These templates highlight images, and have become very popular for creating yardage.

Fabric Studio Deluxe Version 1.1 Click on any of the images below to view slide shows


Pick from small dots to large dots, and even dots that zigzag. Great for adding sparkle to any project!!!


Even though stripes might seem plain to you, try just changing one color on your image and see what happens to your design.


Swirls, paisley and unique circles make up some of the images in the Contemporary Library. Use them on their own, or combine them with the fills, to make one of a kind design.


These unique images are sometimes called character prints, and were popular in the early 20th Century. They can be used to make both light and dark fabric designs, which are always difficult to find.


Just add a name or phrase to personalize your fabric design. We made it easy for you to jump right into the process for those special occasions. Birthday's, Holiday's, we cover it all!

Small Print

Every project needs small scale images, to offset the images that are big and bold and lucky for you we have them.


Big, small, bold, and beautiful we cover them all. After all there are more floral fabrics on the market today than any other kind.


If you look closely at fabric designs, you will notice how many of them contain geometric shapes. Have fun creating all kinds of abstract designs with these images.


Winter, spring, summer and fall, we cover it all in our seasonal library. Great for gift ideas!!


Looking to make a specialty design for your son or daughter? Fish, trucks, planes and more make up our novelty themes.


Do you want to make your fabric more personal but don’t know how? Well here at Fabric Studio you can personalize your patterns by adding that special word or phrase.


You won’t believe how metal or brick can become part of a pattern until you try it yourself. Start with a texture, add a black and white image over the design, and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind pattern.

AddOn CD’s are sold individually through our store. You can create fast and fun projects by just adding your own photos and some text! Click on any image to view examples of designs that have been repeated. These are just a few of the designs that come with each library.

Knock Your Blocks Off! LIbrary-New

Back by popular demand we have added our third Block Library. This time we have two great fabric collections thrown into the mix. 16 Blocks included all with at least one place to add a photo, and two different fabric collections one a teacup theme and the other damask. Each of these two collections have three different color ways. Examples are included with the CD.

Hobby Time Library=New

What better way to make personalized fabric then with one of our Hobby Time images. From travel fabric to sewing rooms each one of our images centers around was to create personalized fabric. 33 new seamless graphics, with some images having multi holders for photos, and all having a place for adding text. Gardening and Travel graphics have matching fabrics. Examples are included with the CD.

Picture This! Library-New

Printing yardage online has become so popular! Fabric Studio has devoted an entire CD just for that. Simple pick a design, open your photos into the software program and drop them into the graphic. Lots of themes to pick from, so with multi colorations. Add some text if desired, then just upload to one of the online digital printers. Examples are included with the CD.

Hodge Podge Library-New!

Hodge Podge CD is a collection of 20 new seamless graphics, with a second coloration for a total of 40 graphics. This graphics are based on the hottest trends in fabric designs. Each graphic has either a place holder for your photos, and all the images make it easy for you to add text to personalize with a name or phrase. From Computer Whiz to Route 66 and even Sushi Fabric this CD covers it all! Examples are included with the CD.

Add a Little Whimsy Library-New!

Add a Little Whimsy is a collection of baby and children's graphics that are just prefect for a baby gift or something special for your grand kids or friends. 15 original seamless graphics done in 3 color ways for a total of 45 graphics in total. All images either have a place for photos, and all have a place to add a name. These images are Whimsical and would make that special gift that will always be treasured! Examples are included with the CD.

Kidz LIbrary-New!

Kids theme images are the most requested images we get ask for. We have devoted an entire CD just to Kids! 24 original images in two coloration's for a total of 48 images. Both little girls and boys sports are included, along with fun unisex images like "Go Fly a Kit", "Bubbles" and even Skull Fabric. All graphics have a place for names, and several graphics have a place holder for single or multi photos. Examples included with the CD.

More Quilts Block Library

This CD comes with 12 Contemporary Designs in three different color palettes. Fabric Designer Laura Polk put together a fun upbeat set of images to use. Great for making a whole Quilt or even just one block by itself. Billie Lauder designed the Blocks that come with the CD. All the Blocks can feature photos that you can easily import directly into the software program. Block coloration and examples are included with the CD.

Fabric Scrapper Library

The Fabric Scrapper Library gives you all the tools to create personalized and unique scrapbooking pages. Start with one of the many new images and try adding a photo or name to create one of a kind pages. Borders, Embellishments and Frames a included with the CD. Learn to combine Digital Scrapbooking with Embellishments to create a Hybrid Scrapbooking page. They are so unique! Page Layouts and examples are included with the CD.

Perfect Pets Library

Create your very own Pet Fabric with our new Pet Image Library. Choice from one of 36 dogs or cats images and create your very own personalized Pet Fabric. Their are several coordinating fabrics which will allow you make pillows, totes,dog beds and even pet clothing. You can add photos and text to several of the images. Great fun for all with this unique new library. Examples are included with the CD.

Family Tree Planner Library

This CD comes with 8 different tree templates, several background images along with a variety of frames and text holders. You will also receive 4 new fabric images as backgrounds for your tree layouts. Both traditional and contemporary templates are included with the CD. Also a detailed set of instructions are included. Help Instructions within CD

Quilt Block Library

The Quilt Block Library comes with 17 different block templates. From Ohio Star to a fun Film Strip Block we give you the opinions of creating your own unique memories. Your photos will be seamless combined with your blocks which won't require any applause' or adhesives. You will also receive lots of new images with several variations. Quilt Block Library Help Instructions

Label Library

Pick from one of our designer quilt or project labels to record your information. We give your 12 designer labels for all occasions which can be altered for size and coloration. You will also receive several bordered labels and 6 new images to add to your collection. Just start typing to add your thoughts and wishes. Label Library Help Instructions

It’s a Mod Mod World

Quilt Block Libraries have been so popular using the Fabric Studio Software we have added our fourth Block Library. This time we have picked Modern looking Blocks along with 6 colorations of 6 different fabric designs.. Each of the 15 blocks contains at least one place for photos and some have up to four place holders. Block coloration and examples are included with the CD