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I have spent a long time searching for a solution for designing software for the computer novice. Everyone would always ask me if I would take their images of their grandchildren and pets and place them in our fabric designs or quilt blocks, because they were computer challenged or were to frighten to try it themselves.

Well, I have spent more than a year developing a very simple version of our Fabric Studio software. We not only kept everyone’s favorite components that they love, while making it much easier to use, but also added a little something extra special for the more advanced user – a new feature called Design Your Own Fabric. Want to see the newest online casinos in Australia? Check it out.

So now both novice and advance users (including the patient Mac owners) can enjoy our new software. I am proud to introduce you to our new product easyFab Design Software! It’s so exciting!

Stephanie Kleinman
Owner and Creator

What is easyFab Design Studio?

easyFab Design Studio helps you easily create beautiful personalized fabric, and includes a simple no-sew approach for making memories from numerous templates, such as quilt blocks, labels, picture frames, Christmas ornaments and more!
The user selects any of the following three approaches for fabric design (the Basic Version allows the first two approaches) –
1.Templates – Simply choose a predesigned template from our many template categories, design it by selecting from our coordinated fabric collections and colors, insert your photos and text, and print!

2. Repeatable Swatches – These are essentially swatches of fabric upon which you can add your photos and text. The program then repeats the swatch with one click, resulting in beautiful fabric that you can either print yourself or order yardage.

3. Design Your Own (included in easyFab Deluxe) – Here you can really get your creative juices flowing! You will be working in real time on a 15” by 12” workspace which lets you see exactly what your repeated design will look like as you’re working on it! You simply pick from any of our numerous background patterns or even select a color from the color wheel. Then add any of our great design images to create your one-of-a-kind fabric. You can even personalize it by adding photos and text!

easyFab was designed with you in mind – to make it both easy and fun to design your own personalized fabric. What are you waiting for?

Key Features

Easy To Use…

easyFab is user friendly and designed to be used by both novice and advanced computer users. There is something for everyone who wishes to express their artistic creativity with simple straight-forward steps!


When you think about how much money you spend on fabric each year, this software sure sounds affordable!

Powerful & Flexible…

easyFab lets you create beautiful fabrics in only three easy steps! easyFab has both the depth and flexibility to manipulate images and text, and to create one-of-a-kind patterns that any designer would be proud of!


It’s time roll up your sleeves, have fun, start creating with easyFab!